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Romance Is Dead

Food is always a girl's number one priority.

It’s Always Food

Why is food so goooood??!

The Journey Of A Beef Cow

Are you sure you wanna watch this? [embed][/embed]

Don’t Laugh, You Didn’t Like Lemons Either

The faces they pull are unforgettable! [embed][/embed]

The Racist Coffee Machine

The last place you'd expect racism to occur, is when you're brewing your fresh and hot coffee, right? [embed][/embed]

Gordon Ramsay Almost Gets Poisoned

Luckily for him the waiter is his guardian angel. [embed][/embed]

Opening Up To Someone

Just getting comfortable showing my inner self.

Raccoon Washing His Grapes

Who knew they were so conscious about their food! [embed][/embed]


They spend way too much money on avocados. [embed][/embed]

Every Thing You Know Is Now Made Of LEGO

This stop-motion video of daily breakfast in LEGO is straight up awesome! [embed][/embed]

Cara Delevingne Shows Her Hot Sauce Balls While Eating Spicy Wings

Cara Delevigne is one of those celebrities who's probably a lot crazier than you expect. [embed][/embed]

I’m At The Gym

Don't worry, I'm working hard at the gym!


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