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Color Changing Lemonade Is Awesome

Enjoy the summer even better with a great do it yourself lemonade! [embed][/embed]

Bacon And Chocolate Pizza, I Can’t Even…

Bacon and chocolate are both delicious. But together, on a pizza?! That's some disgusting food. [embed][/embed]

Fitness Pays Off

A gym membership isn't that expensive when you are a strawberry.

The Disappearing Banana

Animals usually love bananas, but this cute creature lives for The Banana only. [embed][/embed]

Dog Uses Furniture To Get French Fries

Sometimes, as a dog, you have to help yourself to get ahead in life. [embed][/embed]

How To Use A Carrot As A Musical Instrument

Making music is fun, but making music with a carrot is... even funnier? And a bit weird. [embed][/embed]

Life Sucks When You Cannot Boil An Egg

Because Gordon Ramsey will cut you in half for it. [embed][/embed]

An Italian Cheeseburger-Ah

When you're so American you always go for the cheeseburger, no matter where you are.

Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef

The kitchen can get heated, but this episode op Kitchen Nightmares is on another level. How the hell do they…

The Easiest Way To Pack Your Lunch

Always in a hurry when you're heading for work in the morning? Your life gets a little easier with these…

Kids Try 100 Years Of Party Snacks

As much as the next thing, party snacks go in and out of fashion as well. What differences are there…

Adele Absolutely Hates Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover

You'd think when someone pays a shitload of money so you can make good food again, you'd be a little…



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