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Kiiiiiiiids! Breakfaaaaaaaaast!

Breakfast is bloody important and these baby goats know it. They can't wait to start of a nice day of…

Here Is What That Red Stuff From Meat Really Is (It’s Not Blood)

We all love some meat on our plate, and we all have seen a little blood leaking from it, but do…

Kids Try Russian Food

Did you ever try Russian food? If you're not familiar with it, it doesn't sound very appealing does it? Now…

Food Emoji Come To Life

Ever wondered what those food emojis look like in real life? Well, no more, this video shows that the real…

I’ll Be Civil If You’ll Stay Away From My Food

Sure, we can hold hands, but don't touch my food pal.

Why Apple Pie Isn’t American

As American as apple pie you say? Think again friendo, this video tells quite a different story. [embed][/embed]

Chemistry Experiment Looks Awesome

Chemistry experiments make for amazing visuals, and this one is no exception. Will food coloring dye liquid nitrogen? [embed][/embed]

Professional Chef Cooks Unconvential Meal Using Just A Wooden Table

Take away a professional chef's kitchen supplies and he's going to need some crazy ingenious skills to pull off a…

Even With Gordon Ramsey On Board This Can Get Messed Up

Gordon Ramsey isn't a 'succes guaranteed'-stamp per se, as this head chef demonstrates. How the hell do you ruin the…

The Two Month Old Burrito Experiment

A two month old burrito is not something everyone is keen to consume, but this guy has some special plans…

A Rare Compilation Of Gordon Ramsey Liking Food

If you know Gordon Ramsey, you know he barely likes any food he's given on tv. This is a small…

How To Husk A Coconut

Husking a coconut is a handy skill, for you ever get stuck on an island by yourself, so pay attention!…


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