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Girls Orders Indian Food With Google Translate

Using the new Google Translate feature, Google girls enter their order of food into Google Translate and use the new


Crab Vending Machine In China

In America the only food in vending machines are chips, pop, and candy bars. In China they just started serving


French Toast, Bacon, Hot Dog, French Fry Sandwhich

French toast a huge baguette, cover it in bacon, french fries, and gravy. Then stick a hot dog on a


Pop Corn Popping Ultra Slow Motion

This short video was taken at 6,200 frames per second. The little kernel jumps, and opens up. Sweet.


Pepsi Max Snoop Dogg Commercial, Pepsi Max VS Coke Zero

Pepsi has a battle between Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. Two diet drinks that use different chemicals than regular diet


Jamie Oliver Chicken Nugget Experiment Fail

Jamie Oliver is trying to change America's eating habits. He has an experiment where he shows kids how chicken nuggets


Bangkok Iced Tea Bartender Flair

In the largest Market in Thailand, a person catches this man making iced tea. He uses flair like bartenders and


Muslim Women Trying To Eat Spaghetti Wearing Burqa Face Covering

This is why Italian restaurants failed in Dubia. Muslim women try to eat Italian Spaghetti wearing the Burqa. How do


Man VS Dog Eating Contest

This older video just went viral. A multi round contest of a man with no hands eating VS a German Shepard.


Italian Chocolate Rice Krispies Squares Commercial

I don't get it, but this video is viral. Just a commercial for chocolate Rice Krispies in Italy. Yum.


The Apprentice Men’s Team Pop Corn Fight

The mens team made a huge scene on 5th Avenue in the rain, having an epic AstroTurf popcorn fight.


Indian Cook Pounds Dough, Throws Flat Bread Perfectly With Out Looking Up

This master chef grabs a ball of dough, smashes it twice, and toss the flat disc to his friend at