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The Matrix Starring Forrest Gump

In the most recent issue of "Hero Swap" the guys from How It Should Have Ended mixed up the cast…

Honest Trailer Of Forrest Gump

The popular Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump came out in the 90's and quickly became a cult favorite. Even today, many…

What Forrest Gump Would Look Like As A Video Game

Forrest Gump became an instant classic that had even the toughest viewers tearing up. It's such a crazy story with…

Forrest Gump Trailer As A Gangsta Movie

Gangster movies, better known as films for the 'Urban market,' revolve around football scholarships, friends being shot in drive by…

REAL Forrest Gump Running Down Side Of Road

Do I even have to say a cheesy Forrest Gump line here. Fill it in yourself.


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