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Young Baseball Fan Hands Girls Behind Him Switched Foul Ball

At first it seems that this young baseball fan is a true white knight as he instantly hands a group


Fan Uses Popcorn Tub To Catch Foul Ball

The MLB reports that one fan at Pittsburgh's PNC Park didn't have a glove to catch a foul ball. But that


Little Boy Sad And Pouts That He Didn’t Catch Foul Ball

When you're a little kid at a baseball game, all you dream about is catching a foul ball. The odds


Woman Steals Foul Ball From Girl

You have to be a really horrible person to steal a ball from a little girl. And only a worse


Fan Catches Foul Ball In Popcorn Bucket

People have been bringing their baseball mitts to games for years. Fans are just waiting for a foul ball to


Dad Drops Daughter Trying To Catch Foul Ball At Dodgers Game

Most viral videos of foul balls and little kids or dads is when one of them catch the ball in


George Bush Almost Hit By Foul Ball

George and Laura Bush were at the Rangers White Sox game when a wild foul went right for them. Chicago White