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4 Year Old Recites 50 Digits Of PI

Not only does this four year old recite fifty digits of pi, but he does it in just ten seconds.…

Little Girl Points Out Errors On Toy Dinosaur Packaging

Adorably bright four year old Stella is a true fan of science, especially dinosaurs. She's such an expert that she…

Four Year Old Girl Scares Her Dad

This adorable four year old is such a master troll, she even knew to set up the camera when planning…

Four Year Old’s Dramatic Reaction To When Darth Vader Reveals He Is Luke’s Father In Empire Strikes Back

The moment when Darth Vader tells Luke, "I am your father," cinema history was marked forever. It was such an…

Four Year Old Chinese Girl Driving

Video has surfaced of a Chinese four year old girl driving. Apparently, her parents are the passengers and recorded the…


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