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Street Fighter In The Elevator Prank

Yousef of Fousey Tube is famous for one thing and one thing only: his epic pranks. Last fall, his prank went viral in


Famous YouTube Prankster FouseyTube Gets Pranked

What goes around comes around. Yousef from Fousey Tube is one of YouTube's most famous pranksters. He has over 5.8


Homeless Man Giving Passersby Money Experiment

Most people in big cities are accustomed to seeing homeless people on the side of the street asking for spare


Gorilla In Public Bathroom Prank

Public bathrooms are the one place that we all want to just get in and get out without being messed with.


When Passengers Asked To Be Let Off At A Bridge To Jump These Cab Drivers Wouldn’t Let Them Go

Pranksters and social experimenters Yousef of Fousey Tube and Roman Atwood wanted to capture the better side of humanity. The two ordered


Uber Prank

By now, most people have heard of the popular app-based taxi service called Uber. Using your smartphone, you ask to


Tooth Fairy In Real Life Prank Is Adorable

Yousef of FouseyTube planned an adorable prank at his brother's dental office. When kids were sat down in the dental chair,


Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank Part 2

Just like in Hollywood, if it's a hit online you can bet there will be a sequel. Back in September, prankster Fousey


Harry Potter Dementor Prank Is Pure Evil

Harry Potter is a just fantasy story. Those terrifying, soul-sucking Dementors aren't real.  Or are they? Yousef of prank channel Fousey TUBE hit


The Homeless Child Experiment Will Break Your Heart

Yousef of Fousey TUBE was inspired by the viral video of a boy without a coat in Norway to make a similar