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Fox News Anchor Falls Asleep On Air

YouTuber Cassie Slane appropriately titled this clip recorded from cable TV new channel Fox News Tucker All Tuckered Out! as news anchor Tucker Carlson fell


Local Fox CT Show File Footage Focused On Women’s Chests While Reporting On Women’s Day

Last week was International Women's Day. To commemorate, Local Fox CT reported how women were the focus in Washington for the


Bill O’Reilly On Gangnam Style

South Korean pop sensation Gangnam Style is obviously the most popular viral video of 2012--if not ever. Recently, PSY has  finally dethroned


Then And Now – Fox News Anti-Obama Political Video

As usual, the politically charged Fox And Friends program is being hailed as heroes on the Right, and as propagandists


Mysterious Light Flash Caught On Camera During News Traffic Report

This Phoenix Fox 10 report went super viral over the weekend, amassing over 4.5 millions views. During Andrea Robinson's traffic report, a huge


Ann Romney: ‘I Don’t Consider Myself Wealthy’

Mitt Romney is one of the richest people in American history to ever run for the office of the president.


News Anchor Makes Fun Of Kardashians

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian paid a visit to Fox 29 to discuss fashion, fame, and glamour. They gave a little


Fox News Host Sarcastically Apologizes To Chris Brown

Andy Levy from the Fox News late night show Red Eye saw Chris Brown tweet, 'No more planking for me unless


Pie Thrown At Rupert Murdoch

The hacking scandal that News Of The World is accused of continued with the Rupert Murdoch and his son being


Local Fox News Fails At Explaining Planking

Planking is the pointless, yet viral sensation of lying stiff as a board in strange and random places, and posting


Eccentric Woman Talks About Drinking Kool-Aid On News

It seems like no secret that local news shows go after the strangest and most eccentric people for their newscast


Epic Glenn Beck Montage

Glenn Beck's famous run for the hills Fox News program has come to an end. It's reported that he will