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Fox News: Sesame Street Is Liberal Propaganda

Fox News Sean Hannity is America's choice for right wing, conservative news. He talks with his panel of patriots almost


Man Hacks Fox News Scroll Ticker In Manhattan

An anti-right wing activist claims he hacked into the Fox News ticker at Rockefeller Center in New York City. A


Fox News: Schwarzenegger’s Women “Came A Number Of Times”

When you have a dirty mind, it's easy to answer almost anything with, "that's what she said." But when Fox


Fox News Osama Obama Mix Up Blooper

This is literally a report of a life time. You do not want to slip up. But you really don't


Seattle School Names Easter Eggs Spring Spheres

Fox really must be running out of things to complain about. A Seattle elementary school has changed the name of


Fox News Bloopers NBC GE Story

It's well know that Fox News leans more to the right and MSNBC leans to the left. GE owns NBC,


Alan Simpson Says Snoopy Poop Dog On Fox News

I have a feeling cranky Alan Simpson does not like Snoop Dogg. He's probably the same kind of guy who


Sarah Palin About Kathy Griffin

There's a rumor that Kathy Griffin will be playing a crazy Republican character reminiscent of Sarah Palin on Glee. When


Protester Keeps Screaming “Fox Lies”

Fox News went to the Wisconsin protest to give their opinion on the matter. One protester wasn't going to have


Fox News Plays Misleads 2010 Booing Of Ron Paul While Reporting On CPAC 2011

This is no mistake. While reporting on CPAC 2011, Fox News purposefully tries to mislead viewers by playing LAST YEARS


Bill O’Rielly Interrupting President Obama Montage

For eight long year, conservative talk show host Bill O'Rielly talked about how we must respect our president and follow


Fox News Cuts From Vigil When Palin Mentioned

This short clip is going viral on liberal blogs as it seems that Fox News is trying to block their