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First Person View Of Iron Man

Like Batman, Iron Man is one of the coolest superheroes, not because of his magical abilities, but because of martial


Biker’s Epic Fail As An Unexpected GoPro Commercial

Helmet camera footage from bikers traversing difficult terrains is always heart-racing and exciting. But what about the footage you don't


GoPro On Turtle Offers Gorgious View Of Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, which sits off the coast of Queensland in Australia, is literally the largest living thing on Earth.


Far Cry 4 In Real Life Is An Action Packed First Person Adventure

The much anticipated sequel first person shooter Far Cry 4 has just hit store shelves and online retailers. To get fans


First Person Hyperlapse

With the dawn the GoPro camera, anyone can become a first person cameraman. These videos are great, especially in time


First Person View Of Final Check On Fighter Jet Before Taking Off Aircraft Carrier

Ever wonder what goes down before a fighter jet takes off an aircraft carrier? Now's your chance to get an


First Person Footage Of Hawaii Plane Crash

ABC News has the exclusive video of a dramatic and terrifying plane crash in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii last week. 


Hockey Referee Helmet Cam

During the Charlotte Checkers vs Rockford Icehogs hockey game on Dec. 7, referee David Banfield wore a GoPro helmet camera to give


Remote Control Airplane Visits Offshore Drilling Rig

Remote control airplane enthusiast Hein Du Plessis has countless first-person-view videos recorded from his model planes, but he has only gone viral


First Person Pikachu

After First Person Sonic, and First Person Zelda, gamer channel Machinima has returned with a first person adaptation of another beloved video


First Person Legend of Zelda

Over a month ago, First Person Sonic the Hedgehog was trending, and now stands with over two million views.  Machinima is continuing


First Person View Sonic The Hedgehog

Fans of the original Sonic the Hedgehog have reason to celebrate! The Mario world has been recreated in 3D multiple