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Seagull Steals Recording Camera

So you're in France recording the sites and you put your camera down for a moment to get yourself in…

Bradley Cooper Speaking French On France Television

Bradley Cooper gave an interview on French TV that has gone viral. I'm assuming it has to do with his…

Michael Moral – Britain’s Got Talent 2011

Michael Moral is from France, but loves Britain's Got Talent. He watches the shows on YouTube ¬†and now wants to…

French Firefighter Olympics

The Jeux Olympiques des Pompiers is a French competition for firefighters to show off their physical strengths. But there's no…

Old French Men Lightsaber Fight

A group of old French men are in an argument. When it gets seriously heated, they pick up their weapons…

Epic Lurpak French Butter Commercial

This is like the 300 version of butter commercials. The close up shots and slow motion are just mesmerizing. I'm…

Little French Girl Tells Winnie The Pooh Story

This cute little girl tells her own crazy Winnie The Pooh Story. Let's get her a book deal!


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