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Camera Warfare

Imagine a terrifying world where taking a photograph of someone would steal their soul, killing them. That's how Devin Supertramp re-imagined a


Man Beats The Classic Bowl Of Water To The Ceiling Magic Trick Prank

Famous YouTuber  Freddie W and his friends wanted to play the classic bowl of water magic-trick prank on their friend. Fred held a


Golf War

Nerd favorite YouTuber Freddie Wong returns with his latest action packed video. This time he and his team of nerds bring the


Battlefield 3 Commercial Made By Internet Special Effects Nerds

Internet famous special effects guru Freddiew was asked by Electronic Arts to make a commercial for their new first person shooter, Battlefield


Commuting To Work In Video Game World

Master video editor and super nerd freddiew shows us how life would be if we lived in a video game world. We'd


Virtual Reality Gaming In Real Life

Freddiew is a master at special effects. In his latest episode, he shows what the future of gaming may look like


Crossfire Commercial Remake

If you grew up in the 90's, then you will remember Crossfire well. It was the quasi-boardgame where players shot


Kitty Medal Of Honor

Freddie W is already a viral sensation. But what if we mixed in a nice heaping tablespoon of kitty cats?


Man Fights Off Grocery Store Robbers

Freddie was in the cereal aisle contemplating life's ultimate question: Cocoa Krispies, or Cocoa Puffs. Serious question, but while he


Cute Unicorn Shoots Rainbow

While surfing online, Freddie W gets one of those annoying pop up ads saying he won the prize. Thinking what


Laser Gun Battle

Freddie W encounters an alien from a UFO. They battle it out for the human race.


Fire Hands

Did you know if you rub your hands together fast enough, your hands can catch fire? No, really. This is