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Shia LaBeouf Freestyles 5 Fingers of Death with Oswin Benjamin

Did you know that actor Shia LaBeouf also can rap? And I don't mean some old Salt'n'Pepper hits - he…

Freestyling With My Mom

Jimmy Fallon gave his Late Night viewers a beat and asked them to perform a freestyle rap with their moms. Naturally, the…

Murilo Pitol Performs Amazing Freestyle Soccer Tricks

Brazilian soccer star Murilo Pitol has gone viral showing off his impressive soccer moves in this video. Already, he has garnered…

Justin Bieber Freestyle Rap On Power 106

Justin Bieber has been under the viral radar for while now. It seems even JB isn't immune to over exposure. But…

Little Kids Step On Stage Krumpin Freestyle Dance

Little dudes Gavin, Kris and Kida break it down seriously, dancing to Step On Stage in an epic freestyle dance…

British Police Freestyle Raps At Rap Battle

A group of party people are having a rap battle in the streets. The police come to check things out.…



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