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Pigeon Prank Outside Car Wash

Popular French prankster Rémi GAILLARD has a coming out March 5.  He just published this short clip from the film of an


French Canadian Teen Covers Elvis Classic ‘Blue Christmas’ On Radio

David Thibault is only 16 years old, but he could have fooled French-Canadian radio station CKOI QUEBEC's listeners.  In this extraordinary


These Cancer Patients Thought They Were Getting A Makeover. What Happened Next Allowed Them To Forget Their Illness For A Moment

French group Mimi Foundation truly believes that bringing happiness and joy into the life of a patient is the best therapy.  For


New Born Twins Cling To Each Other In Sink Bath

Last week, French nurse Rochel Sonia posted video demonstrating a special water bath she devised for newborns. In the viral video, she


Businessman Being Bullied At The Office French PSA

Bullying is not just an American phenomenon. It is an issue around the globe.  To demonstrate just how destructive and


Living Piano At The Park

Remember the giant toy piano at the toy store in the Tom Hanks movie Big? The piano keys were so large that they


Josh Groban Picks Random Girl From Montreal Audience To Sing

While performing in Montreal, American singer and musician Josh Groban asked one lucky girl to sing a little with him.


Blanka Is A Troll Fail Compilation Part 2

A few weeks ago, French publication went viral with their hilarious fail compilation with the addition of Street Fighter character Blanka


Scaring French Kitchen Worker Compilation

French YouTuber NICOLAS HUSARD published this video on the First of July, and already is has accumulated over a quarter million hits. 


Blanka Is A Troll Compilation

Fail compilations have been an Internet viral video staple since 2007. So what makes this new video stick out from


Frenchman Sneaks Into Private VIP Party Pretending To Be Bodyguard For Gwyneth Paltrow

In his latest video, French actor and prankster Gonzague attempts the Bodyguard Challenge. Unlike the ubiquitous challenges that pepper YouTube, such as the


Daft Punk And Pharrell Star In ‘Get Lucky’ Teaser

Popular French techno group Daft Punk teamed up with the sweet sounding Pharrell and Nile Rodgers on guitar to star in