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Ed Sheeran Covers The Fresh Prince Theme Song

The LAD Bible did upload this clip from the radio show of Capital FM where recording artist Ed Sheeran did


Prankster Calls C-Span With Fresh Prince Story

It's been done countless times before, but that doesn't make this prank any less funny. Prank callers love to pick on


Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Iconic Fresh Prince Intro On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon is just a little bit obsessed with the 90's. In a good way. What 90's kid still doesn't have


Alfonso Ribeiro Performs ‘Carlton Dance’ On Dancing With The Stars

Social media has exploded after Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, performed his signature dance, The


Two Drummers Cover ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song Together

What's better than one drummer covering the theme song for the 1990's hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? How


Fresh Breath Of Farm Air Music Video Parodies Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song is one of the most popular nostalgic tunes online. There are countless spoofs


Fresh Pup Of Bel Air Parodies Fresh Prince Theme Song

The Pet Collective is famous for recreating pop songs with a pet friendly twist, like their Game Of Bones or Pet Shop parodies. For


Will Smith Sings Fresh Prince Theme Song With English School Children

World famous actor Will Smith is no doubt most famous for his original starring role on The Fresh Prince Of


Will Smith Raps Fresh Prince Intro Song With Studio Audience On Graham Norton Show

While visiting the BBC's The Graham Norton Show, Will Smith and Norton discussed how Will's first big show, The Fresh


World’s Largest Simultaneous Carlton Dance Flashmob

Anyone growing up in the 90's is almost guaranteed to be a fan of Fresh Prince. And a favorite from


Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young Performs Fresh Prince Theme Song

One thing Jimmy Fallon is great at is impressions. He's got Neil Young down pat, and has done performances as