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Boardroom Suggestion – The fresh prince of bel-air

Fresh Breath Of Farm Air Music Video Parodies Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song is one of the most popular nostalgic tunes online. There are countless spoofs…

Froggy Fresh Dunked On Music Video

Popular online rapper Froggy Fresh, aka Krispy Kreme, has returned with another hit. Froggy and his main man Money Maker Mike…

Fresh Pup Of Bel Air Parodies Fresh Prince Theme Song

The Pet Collective is famous for recreating pop songs with a pet friendly twist, like their Game Of Bones or Pet Shop parodies. For…

Will Smith Sings Fresh Prince Theme Song With English School Children

World famous actor Will Smith is no doubt most famous for his original starring role on The Fresh Prince Of…

Fresh Prince Theme In Google Translate

The musical hipsters at CDZA have just finished some of their best work. Knowing that The Fresh Prince of Bel…

Will Smith Raps Fresh Prince Intro Song With Studio Audience On Graham Norton Show

While visiting the BBC's The Graham Norton Show, Will Smith and Norton discussed how Will's first big show, The Fresh…

Berkeley Freshman Makes Ridiculously Automated Dorm Room

Moving away from home and going to college can be nerveracking and exciting experience. The first thing most students notice is…

Google+ Refresh Commercial

Just when you were about to forget that you have a Google+ account at all, Google has refreshed their lagging…

Fresh Step Bacon Scented Kitty Litter News Report

Freshstep knows the Internet is obsessed with cats, and feels right at home with the feline friendly web. The cat food…


Fresh Prince

Fresh Prince In Paris – Fresh Prince Of Bel Air N’s In Paris Mash Up

YouTube musician NosideMuzik took classic Fresh Prince Of Bel Air video and properly synced it up to Jay-Z and Kanye's latest hit, Niggas…



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