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Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Remix Made Entirely Of Audio From The Show

The Internet's favorite techno remixer, Fagottron, is back with a new tune created entirely from audio clips of fan favorite video. This…


Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Many years later

Freshman’s Emotional Note Card Story

The teenage years can sometimes be the hardest, especially when important loved ones pass away. Most young men hold their…

Obama Fresh Prince Hand Shake – Fake

This video, posted back in May, has resurfaced again this past week on Reddit and Buzzfeed. It's a few seconds…

Soldier Dances Like Carlton From Fresh Prince

Carlton Banks from the 90's hit show, The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, was known for his ridiculously flamboyant dance…

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Intro Remake

Here's what the intro to the 90's classic, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, would look like if it was made…

Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young Performs Fresh Prince Theme Song

One thing Jimmy Fallon is great at is impressions. He's got Neil Young down pat, and has done performances as…

Fresh Prince Carlton Banks Dances The Teach Me How To Dougie Dance

Where did the Teach Me How To Dougie dance really originate? From Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air! Carlton's…



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