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How To Hack Your Friend’s Tinder

Megan shows you how it's done, so you can set your friends up or ruin their love-life completely. [embed][/embed]

Swimming Pool Struggles

When your friend suddenly gets cold feet.

Orangutan Just Wants To Make New Friends

The things animals have to go through to make new friends... [embed][/embed]

Delete The Toxic People

You'll be happier than ever before.

Just Cut Them Loose

Challenge accepted.

Your Friend Who Lives Too Far Away

College Humor addresses the very real problem of living to far away from your friends. It sucks when there's nobody…

Erase ‘Em Baby

I can't? Okay, watch me!


When your latest 'project' just said "Hi"...

When The Peer Pressure Gets To You

Slippery stairs are slippery, but these friends have great fun tumbling down!

The Two Most Unlikely Animal Friends Ever

A Bengal cat and an otter best friends? Yeah right. I was as skeptical as you are right now, but…

You Know They Read It All

The most silence ones are the ones you can't lose sight of.

How To Put Your Pants On

Don't you wish you had friends like this?


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