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Lamb And Baby Rhino Playing Is The Cutest

The Internet loves unlikely friendships. So it's no surprise this adorable clip by HESC Cheetah Centre of a lamb playing with a baby


Diver Befriends Eel

This nature video was published by Central Florida Aquarium Society in the summer, but the clip has only gone viral now. Diver Valerie


Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel Star In Friends Remake

Back in the 90's, everyone watched Friends. It was one of the most popular shows back in the day, and


Piglet Is Best Friends With Pit Bull Terrier

Pigalina the piglet is only three weeks old, but she has already found a best friend for life. The young


Cat And Horse Are Unlikely Friends

Size really doesn't matter in the animal kingdom. However unlikely it may seem, Alexandra's cat and horse are best friends.


Dog And Mini-Horse Are Adorable Best Friends

This cute video by RM Videos has gone viral. The Internet simply can't get enough of unexpected friendships in the animal


Touching Friendship Between Goat And Donkey Will Make You Misty Eyed

Animals can't create caring friendships between each other, right? Wrong! As this new touching viral video by animal welfare group Animal


Three Dudes Cover The Friends Theme Song Like You’ve Never Heard Before

The Web is swimming in nostalgia and experiencing chills after hearing this new cover video by Glenn Murphy, Oisin O'Callaghan


Elon University Seniors Recreate ‘Friends’ Intro Shot-For-Shot

Ahh, the iconic Friends introduction. Even kids who are graduating college today recognize the popular 90's sitcom.  As a great way


‘Friends’ Reunite On Ellen

The popular 90's show Friends ended nearly a decade ago, but many fans still miss Rachel, Chandler, and the gang. One


Game Of Thrones With Friends Style Opening

When the Internet finds a TV series to obsess over, it goes all out. So after viewers have re-watched all


Dog And Fish Kiss, Swim Together

There are plenty of inter-species friendship videos out there, but few as dramatic as this. Sasha the Labrador Retriever took a