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Frisbee sweater briefs – Your Argument is Invalid


Frisbee Keeps Rolling Across A Frozen Lake On A Windy Day

This truly is strangely compelling. M4RKOS2011 gave his frisbee a push and because of the strong winter winds and the


Guy Riding Water Jet Pack Catches Frisbee Tossed Off Bridge

This just might be the most insane Frisbee toss ever. The trick shot masters at Ultimate Insanity threw a Frisbee off of


Guys Playing Frisbee At The Beach Really Don’t Understand How To Play

The Frisbee has been one of the go to toys to bring to the beach for decades ever since it


Epic Frisbee Trick Shot Adventure With Brodie Smith

There are regular trick shots and there are epic trick shots. And then there are super epic trick shots with


Weezer Drummer Catches Frisbee Without Missing A Beat

Rock band Weezer has been trending online ever since a short video clip from a concert last week hit the web. While playing


March Madness Frisbee Trick Shots

Trick shot master Brodie Smith stands out from the crowd of online athletes as he performs his magic not with basketballs or


Frisbee Trick Shots In Dubai

The Internet's most famous frisbee trick shot master Brodie Smith traveled all the way to Dubai for his latest video. He performed


Brodie Smith Trick Shots 2013 Compilation

Brodie Smith is the web's most famous Frisbee trick shot specialist. And for good reason. His tricks are out of this


Determined Dog Retrieves Frisbee From Pool Without Entering The Water

German YouTuber Hundeallerlei posted this video of their well trained dog back in October, but it has resurfaced again now. The


Speed Boat Frisbee Catch

Brodie Smith brings us another dose of amazing Frisbee action. This time, they throw a Frisbee into the lake, and a speed boat


Basketball VS Frisbee Trick Shot Competition

Brodie Smith is famous online for his Frisbee trick shot videos. How Ridiculous are from Australia and also make trick shot videos, but they