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Senator Pat Robert’s Frozen Ringtone Goes Off During Hearing

Republican Senator Pat Roberts from Kansas had an embarrassing moment during a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing on Capital Hill. Not only


Parody Frozen 2 Trailer Is Terrifyingly Accurate

The hit song Let It Go from Disney's blockbuster feature film Frozen drove countless parents mad as their kids sang


Dueling Siblings Perform Epic Frozen Medley On Piano

It's one thing to play music on a piano. It's another to play the piano backwards. Somehow, this brother and


Dad Gets Revenge For All Parents By Singing ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’ Wrong

For months now, parents have been smothered with the same Disney songs over and over. How many times can you


Moses Brown School Parodies ‘Let It Go’ To Announce School Closure

As most people know, the majority of the American northeast is being slammed by the season's first blizzard. Like nearly


Little Boy Really Likes ‘Let It Go’

Like so many children this holiday season, these kids received toys from Disney's ultra popular movie Frozen. But it's this adorable toddler


Dad’s Frozen Doll Gag Gift Is The Worst

Fathers around the world are known for their cheesy jokes. But the Internet is not happy with one dad's gag


Hikers Walk On Perfectly Clear Frozen Lake And It’s Awesome

One of the perks of winter is being able to walk across frozen lakes. But usually the frozen top of the


‘Let It Go’ Christmas Lights Show Will Make You Merry

Most of the Internet is sick of Disney's hit motion picture Frozen, but an artfully timed video still has the


Puppy Wakes Up And Sings Along To ‘Let It Go’

Brittany Boll's puppy doesn't really care what's on the radio. While going for a drive, he'll just take a nap


Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab Frozen Breaking Bad Parody

The Internet nerds of Animeme have proved that you don't have to be on time to go viral. On the contrary, if


Grandson Explains School Story Based On ‘Frozen’ To Grandma

Jimmy Kimmel has become obsessed with YouTuber Kevin Droniak. Kevin has over 250,000 dedicated subscribers who love watching him take a drive