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Frozen As A Classic Video Game

When Aladdin and The Lion King came out in the 90's, video game adaptations quickly hit the Super Nintendo and


Snow White VS Elsa Rap Battle

Everyone, young and old, is in love with the latest Disney princess Elsa from the greatly success feature film Frozen. But


Little Irish Girl Yells At Her Parents For Laughing During Her Frozen Performance

Sometimes kids are just so cute you can't help but laugh. But this little princess is in no laughing mood.


Ellen And Kristen Wiig Sing ‘Let It Go’

The Internet was over Let It Go a long time ago, but that didn't stop Ellen DeGeneres from bringing it back. While


Frozen Is The New Black

Pop culture obsessed Only Leigh has merged the Netflix sensation Orange Is The New Black with Disney's ultra popular feature film Frozen in her latest video


Dads Respond to Disney’s Frozen

Disney princess films like Frozen are of course popular with young girls and even moms. But what about dads? Fathers pretend they


‘Frozen’ Unnecessarily Censored Part 2

Back in January, The Jake Vale Show exploded online with his oh-so-wrong, yet hilarious unnecessarily censored parody of Disney's Frozen. That spoof has amassed


Pearl Jam Performs ‘Let It Go’ During Concert

Even the rockers of Pearl Jam are big fans of Disney's hit feature film Frozen. While performing at a concert in Milan,


Everything Wrong With ‘Frozen’

Sure, Frozen is full of catchy music and fun for the whole family, but that doesn't mean it's a perfect film. It's


Dad And Daughter Perform Adorable Lip-Sync Of ‘Love Is An Open Door’

This dad and daughter duo didn't get the memo that the Internet is done with Frozen, but who cares?! After


Adorable Baby Cries When She Hears ‘Frozen’ Muaix

It's no secret the Internet is tired of Disney's Frozen and the countless musical covers and spoofs it produced. It had


‘Do You Wanna Go To Starbucks’ Is The Best Caffeinated Frozen Parody Yet

Olivia Mowry has somehow managed to make a new Frozen parody that is fresh and new. As most students are now swamped with