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Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend Frozen Parody

Valentine's Day is just around the corner? Do you have a boyfriend? If not, just follow the lead of Barkada


Guy Performs Epic Cover Of Let It Go

Singer and musician Caleb Hyles has gone viral for the first time! He covered the new Internet favorite Let It Go from Disney's Frozen, and


Kittens Reenact Disney’s Frozen

Disney's new animated feature film Frozen has taken the Internet by storm. So it's no surprise The Pet Collective decided to perform their


Disney’s ‘Let It Go’ Sung In 25 Languages Will Take You Around The World

The song 'Let It Go' from Disney's Frozen has already been nominated for an Oscar.   Now, Walt Disney Studios invites viewers to figuratively


‘Frozen’ Unnecessarily Censored

Jimmy Kimmel is well known for his hilarious Unnecessary Censorship series, but he doesn't have a monopoly on the gag.


Disney’s Frozen ‘Let It Go’

Unsurprisingly, Disney's 53rd animated feature, Frozen, was a huge success at the box office after debuting in theaters.  To keep


Disney’s FROZEN Animated Short Teaser

To keep dedicated fans from losing their cool while waiting for the next upcoming feature film, Walt Disney Studios will often debut


The Story Of Frozen Food

Today, most of people don't even think about the luxury we take for granted of popping a frozen pizza into


German Guy Jumps Into Frozen Lake Fail

Most fail videos only feature the brutality and embarrassment, and often lack the fun side. For once, German YouTuber MrRobcalifornia captured a much


Frozen Star Wars Flash Mob In Times Square

Flash mobs are a viral video favorite, but most involve music and dancing. To promote the new MMORPG Star Wars: The