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Sacred Heart University Double Fumble Recovery For Touchdown

With the score standing at 24-21 at the end of the game, the Sacred Heart University Pioneers nearly lost to the…

High School Football Announcer Goes Crazy When Mathew Showalter Picks Up Fumble Touchdown

The announcer is calm and ready for the play. The Yellowjackets fumble he goes ape ----, screaming. Batesville's Matthew Showalter picks up the…

Quarterback Andrew Luck Tackles Shareece Wright Stanford VS USC

The ball is fumbled and Shareece Wright picks it up. He's clobbered by Andrew Luck and the ball is fumbled…

Ronald Flemons Fumbles Ball Before Goal Line, Canadian Football Toronto VS BC

This has to be one of the worst playing in football. Not just one fumble but two. Toronto defensive end…



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