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Funerals Are a Total Ripoff

It's kind of messed up, but the truth is funeral homes make a killing. No pun intended. Most families are


New Zealand High Schoolers Perform Power Haka Dance At Teacher’s Funeral

In New Zealand, Palmerston North Boys' High School teacher Dawson Tamatea unexpectedly passed away. At his funeral, the students put


Hearse Caravan Carrying MH17 Victims Through The Netherlands Is Chilling

Finally, the victims of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have left Ukraine and have returned home to the Netherlands. In


Tom Hanks Eulogy Speech For Michael Clarke Duncan Brings Laughter To The Aisles

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan passed away last week, and no one was more fit to speak at his eulogy than his


Christina Aguilera Sings At Last At Etta James’ Funeral

Christina Aguilera had the special opportunity to take to the stage at Etta James' funeral on Saturday. She performed a special cover of