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monkey hates lobster video

Capuchin Monkey Hates Lobster Tail

Capuchin Monkey Scared of Lobster Tail In this cute video, this capuchin monkey is seemingly scared of the lobster tail…

Malaysian Monkey Vandalizes Car

Monkey Vandalizes Blue Car What a strange video we have for the world today. This clip shows us a Malaysian…

Goats Join Man for a Run

A Hurd of Goats Follow a Runner We have a somewhat random and also very funny video today. This video…

The Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer

An Example of the Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer What a funny wildlife video we have today. This video…

Kitty Loves Keyboard

Kitty Loves playing With Keyboard a Little Too Much We got a very sweet video for the world today. Do…


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