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Simpsons Futurama Couch Gag Introduction

It's finally happening. The Simpsons are having a special crossover episode with Matt Groening's other brain child, Futurama. To entice fans,…

Futurama Live Action Opening Sequence

Fan favorite Futurama had a slow start back in 1999 on Fox, close to its sister cartoon sitcom, The Simpsons.…

Evacuated Tube Transport Computer Animation

This computer animation by NMANewsDirect has viewers reminded of the transport tubes imagined in Matt Groening's Futurama world. But apparently, vacuum tubes shuttling…

Futurama NES Game

This old video from 2008 has had a recent viral surge. I would definitely play this game if it were…

Bender Robot In Russia

Bender from Futurama tries to break up an argument in Russia. What a peace maker. Do they even know who…


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