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Car Gadgets Put To The Test

Lots of them on the market, handy or just pure garbage. Discover what's what in this car gadget compilation! [embed][/embed]

How To Make A Real Batman Grappling Hook Gun

This is something, my 8 year-old self would have given his left arm for! Okay, my 30 year-old me also…

Epic Handheld Tesla Coil Gun At 28,000fps

Wow, this looks amazing! Smarter Every Day show us some electrifying images of a handheld tesla gun. With the fancy…

DOOM On The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

It seems as if the first thing that is being (dis)played on every new screen there is and ever will…

iPhone 7 gets smashed with hydraulic press

Apple announced a new way for you to get rid of a few hundred bucks and every time there is…


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