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The Axis of Awesome Rage of Thrones Music Video

NSFW language It's no secret that HBO's Game Of Thrones is one of the web's current obsessions.  Hilarious Aussie band Axis Of Awesome--best…

Game Of Thrones Intro 1990’s Style Parody

Re-imagining popular contemporary TV shows as what they might have looked like had they been released in the 90's has become…

Dog ‘Sings’ Game Of Thrones Theme Song

ThePetCollective loves to spoof and parody famous pop songs with adorable pets 'singing' the tunes. After being one-upped by a now…

Cat ‘Sings’ Game Of Thrones Opening Theme Song

This seizure inducing video is trending among Game Of Thrones fans, and has somehow garnered over 650,000 hits in ten…

Game Of Thrones Intro Remade In LEGO

LEGO video maker BymatthewP created a near perfect recreation of the Game Of Thrones' intro using LEGO's and stop motion camera work. He…

Harry Potter vs. Twilight vs. Games of Thrones


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