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Nerdy California Conservation Corps Boss Busts A Move

Antwon McCoy and Leonard Patton both work for the California Conservation Corps. When they aren't working hard saving nature, they like to dance.


Boy Tells McDonald’s Story With Gangsta Voice Dubbed Over

NSFW Warning - language! Maximus Thor just went viralviral after being featured on Reddit. The six year old's uncle likes to


DMX Uses Google For The First Time

By now, even your grandmother has a Facebook page and knows how to use Google. But amazingly, there is still


Krispy Kreme The Baddest Rap Song

Rapper Krispy Kreme, yes that's his name, has exploded onto the Internet over the past week with his new single The


Floating Dollar Prank In The Hood

Prankster and magician hybrid MagicofRahat goes around town pranking people with his magic tricks and records their hilarious reactions for YouTube. This time


Ghetto Ice Cream Truck Plays Chain Hang Low

Most ice cream trucks play simple nursery rhyme songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, or Yankee Doodle. You'd never expect to hear


Forrest Gump Trailer As A Gangsta Movie

Gangster movies, better known as films for the 'Urban market,' revolve around football scholarships, friends being shot in drive by


Gangsta C-3PO

Protocol droid, C-3PO is famous for his dainty, posh, and uptight attitude. He's basically a future version of a proper British


Mighty Ducks Rap

The Mighty Ducks was a feel good Disney movie from the 90's that almost every kid watched. It was part