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Gangsta’s Paradise Covered In Vintage 1920’s Style

The classic rap song Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio is pure 1990's. But what if it debuted back when gangsters really…

Coolio Performs Gansta’s Paradise With College Students At Their House After Concert

Rapper Coolio is no doubt most famous for his hit 90's single Gangsta's Paradise.  After performing a concert in Preston, Lancashire, England, Coolio…

Engineering Flash Mob During Exam

As a fun prank to play on first year engineering students at the University of Toronto, skulenite and others planned an 'Engineering…

Gangsta’s Paradise Performed In American Sign Language

For kdalton8's level 3 American Sign Language class presentation, she chose Coolio's classic hip hop single, Gagnsta's Paradise. Will Kristin go viral…



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