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i noticed that you’re gangster – i’m pretty gangster myself


50 Cent’s In Da Club Has That Very Furry Cover You Know You Wanted

50 Cent is pretty gangster, but he ain't got a thing on Fozzie Cent. He kills it in this version


DMX Uses Google For The First Time

By now, even your grandmother has a Facebook page and knows how to use Google. But amazingly, there is still


Forrest Gump Trailer As A Gangsta Movie

Gangster movies, better known as films for the 'Urban market,' revolve around football scholarships, friends being shot in drive by


Straight Outta Dunwoody – Suburbs Life Hardcore Rap Song

Almost all rap stars come from a lower class neighborhood, and their songs usually reflect that. But what about the


Gangsta C-3PO

Protocol droid, C-3PO is famous for his dainty, posh, and uptight attitude. He's basically a future version of a proper British