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Man Tries to Fill up at Burnt Gas Station

[rumble][/rumble] While heading home from work I stopped at a light and witnessed this man pull into a gas station


Worst Driver Ever Can’t Figure Out Which Side Of Her Car The Gas Cap Is On

After driving a car for a while, most drivers know which side of the gas pump to pull up to


Man Finds The Nicest Gas Station Bathroom Ever

Big Smile No Teeth was driving on a road trip when he stopped at a random Shell station to refuel and


Paying For People’s Gas

YouTube's newest charity channel Give Back Films has returned to uplift the hearts and souls of online viewers, and, more importantly, to


Automatic Gas Station Refueling System

More and more technological prophecies from Back To The Future seem to be coming true. Fans of the popular film will


Gas Station Employee Eats Goldfish Prank

Popular prankster Jack Vale teamed up with a local gas station to prank unknowing shoppers. With a bowl of live


Fancy Restroom Attendant At Gas Station Bathroom Prank

Running into a fancy restroom attendant is a nice surprise while out at the opera. But the extra company is


Adorable Couple Sings Karaoke On Tonight Show’s Pumpcast News

Pumpcast news is a long standing bit on The Tonight Show where a very special gas station in Burbank plays


White Gas Station Clerk Raps Fast

Fast white rappers have become a special viral niche of their own these days online. You never know where you'll


Eccentric Woman Getting Coffee At Gas Station Retells Story Of Robbery – Backin’ Up Because My Daddy Taught Me Good

Two people robbed a gas station when an eccentric woman was getting coffee. She retells her story to the news.