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Putin Has The Best Anger Management

Receive a kiss, respond with the fist- oh wait, there's cameras watching me.

Fake and Gay

Guys Send Families Hilarious Vacation Video To State They Are ‘Just Friends’

Travis Henning says that the families of him and his buddy think they might be gay. That would be no…


Am I gay GIF

Gay Man Tells Story When His Farmer Dad Told Him To Be Proud In The 1950’s

Today, being gay really isn't that big of a deal anymore. But that wasn't the case back in the 1950's.…


The first nation with openly gay currency

What Happens When Two Guys Hold Hands In Russia Is Scary

Now that America has officially legalized gay marriage, it seems that gay rights in the West can finally take a…

Kids Adorably Explain Gay Marriage

There's been a lot of talk online about gay marriage ever since the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is…

NYPD Officer Dances With Guy At NYC Gay Pride Parade

The NYPD has a pretty bad name onlineĀ as there are countless controversies and online video featuring corrupt and abusive officers.…

Gay Men’s Chorus Of Washington Sings National Anthem After Supreme Court Approves Gay Marriage

Countless supporters of marriage equality were in Washington DC awaiting the ruling of the United States Supreme Court on the…

YouTube Celebrates Marriage Equality Ruling

As everyone who has a television, radio, or Internet connection has learned, the Supreme Court of the United States just…

What Happens When Gay Guys See Each Other When No One Else Is Around

Gay guys are just like everyone else. But when gay men bump into each other and no one else is…


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