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If Australia Is A Continent, Then Why Isn’t Greenland One?

The rules of geography are pretty complicated, and therefor you'd make a solid case when you say Greenland has every


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Another video about really lonely places put together by RealLifeLore (and with over a million views already). "These are some


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RealLifeLore's collaboration with Wendover Productions got two videos trending right now regarding an obvious question: Why is the US considered


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I think everyone of us had this moment, when you wanted to go as far away from everybody as possible,


Wheel Of Fortune Geography Fail

Is there anything more embarrassing than making yourself look like a fool on national television? That's exactly what happened to


Five Year Old Genius Arden Hayes Knows World Geography Better Than You

Jimmy Kimmel invited his five year old friend Arden Hayes back onto his late night program to further embarrass adult viewers.