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George Bush eating a cat – Your argument is invalid


Will Ferrell Returns To SNL As George W. Bush

For eight long years, comedians and late night shows had it easy making fun of President Bush. Many comedians, such as


President George W. Bush On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno isn't all that popular online, but this new video of President George W. Bush's interview with


Donald Rumsfeld Heated Interview With Al Jazeera

Former Bush Administration Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld gave a rare interview to the Arabic news network, Al Jazeera. In this short


Tony Bennett Talks Bush And 9/11 On Howard Stern Show

World famous singer Tony Bennett was on the Howard Stern show yesterday, and was talking with Howard about winning an


George Bush Almost Hit By Foul Ball

George and Laura Bush were at the Rangers White Sox game when a wild foul went right for them. Chicago White


President Bush Reacts To Osama Bin Laden’s Death

This past week has been a crazy one, with Bin Laden finally being killed and all. But there's one important


Kanye West, George Bush Auto Tune Remix Interview

Matt Laur played the middle man bringing George Bush and Kanye West together. Here's their interviews in remix hip hop


George Bush Kanye West SNL Skit

Kanye West apologized to George Bush last week, and SNL takes a jab at them both. On weekend update they


George Bush Asks What State Wales Is In, Wales Is Its Own Country

Wales for all us ignorant Americans is part of the United Kingdom and has nothing to do with the United