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Georgian Girls Sing

This music video by Georgian YouTuber თათია მგელაძე has gone viral. No, that's not the state of Georgia in America, but rather


Powerful Interviews With Homeless People In Atlanta End With $200 Giveaway

After pulling off some shinanegans in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films decided to get serious and do


Epic Freshman Convocation Welcome Speech At Georgia Tech

Uhh. Freshman Convocation. Most kids just skip the boring welcome speeches to instead get a head start on the first beer


Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah Music Video Parodies ‘Welcome To Atlanta’ Rap Song

Twelve year old Daniel Blumen of Atlanta, Georgia has gone viralviral after his bar mitzvah music video hit the web.


Tybee Beach Is Left A Littered Mess After Orange Crush Festival

The unofficial spring break college festival, commonly referred to as Orange Crush, was held on Tybee Beach over the weekend,


Crowded UGA Bus Sings ‘Tiny Dancer’ Together

There's nothing worse than packing onto an already crowded bus when you're finishing up your classes for the day. That


Deer Loose In Georgia Grocery Store

Two baby deer somehow got into a Publix supermarket in Suwanee, Georgia. Ironically, the two ran to the meat department.


Snow Plow Flips Over

Georgia has been hit by an unusual snow storm this winter. A snow plow filled with two tons of gravel


Plane Lands On Highway In Georgia

A small plane made an emergency landing on the highway causing traffic to build up for miles.