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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



The Porcelain Unicorn

This video posted in 2010 ¬†was the Grand prize winner of the Philips Parallel Lines 'Tell It Your Way' international…

Cars Paint Road Art After Paint Is Dumped Onto Street

A team of artist/prankster dumped paint in a busy Berlin intersection. The cars and bikes became huge metal brushes painting…

Lincoln Park Performs Acoustic Rolling In The Deep

Just because Lincoln Park makes heavy rock music doesn't mean they aren't talented singers and musicians. Lead singer Chester and…

Audi Copies Chrysler 200 Eminem Commercial

One of the most viral Super Bowl commercials of 2011 was the Chrysler 200 Eminem themed commercial. Germany is taking…

German Woman Speaks Out Against Radical Islam In Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, Germany, a radical Muslim cleric was giving a speech at a Muslim rally. One German woman couldn't keep…

I’m In Germany Music Video

The man just loves Germany. So much so that he's going to perform a crazy techno dance. Pretty strange. For…


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