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Musician Covers Daft Punk’s Get Lucky In 10 Famous Guitar Player Styles

Daft Punk's hit single Get Lucky has a funky 70's vibe that people can't help but dance along with. But what if other


One Take Pharrell Mash Up Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

Popular indy-rock duo Pomplamoose has debuted another mind blowing music video recorded all in one take with no digital editing whatsoever.  They


Russian Army Performs ‘Get Lucky’

Apparently it takes some time for pop music to migrate to Mother Russia.  Russian YouTube channel РИА Новости just published this performance


Bill Nye Performs Robot Dance To ‘Get Lucky’ On Dancing With The Stars

Internet 'superhero' Bill Nye The Science Guy continues to keep the web interested in ABC's Dancing With The Stars.  In


Get Lucky By Daft Punk Covered On Mario Paint Composer

The Daft Punk summer hit Get Lucky continues to trend online. This time the techno pop song is covered by YouTuber Jeonghoon95 in one


Youtube Sings Get Lucky Ultimate Mash Up

TheThirdPew spent more than 100 hours sifting through YouTube to create this ultimate mash up of YouTubers 'singing' the Daft Punk


‘Treasure’ And ‘Get Lucky’ Mash Up

Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui have done it again. The two of them amazingly mashed together the hit single Treasure by Bruno Mars


Get Lucky Sesame Street Mash Up Music Video

Daft Punk's latest hit single Get Lucky continues to trend online with no apparent end in sight.  The latest spoof of the


Irish Cabbie Dances With Woman In Street To ‘Get Lucky’

Nismo Ireland was holding a promotional event in Dublin, Ireland when something wonderful happened. Keelan Lynch has his camera ready when a


Daft Punk Get Lucky Bass Cover

Out of nowhere, small time musician Jim Bennett has gone viral. His rocking bass cover of Daft Punk's latest Internet sensation Get Lucky


Barack Obama Singing Get Lucky by Daft Punk

Even though the excitement and buzz surrounding the president has calmed, there's no question that his biggest fans can still


Five People On One Piano Cover ‘Get Lucky’ By Daft Punk

Musical group CDZA has made a name for themselves for turning music on its head. They love to break 'the