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Ghetto has no color


Ghetto MEME 2015

Successful YouTuber Surprises Parents, Pays Off Their Mortgage

For most parents, the mortgage on the house weighs on their shoulders for nearly their entire lives. When he was…

Magician Smoothini Performs Amazing Tricks On America’s Got Talent

Smoothini is the self-proclaimed 'ghetto Houdini.' After serving in the Marines, he's now using his determination and focus to become…

Black Friend For A Day

Have you ever wanted to be cooler, be better at sports, and be more popular? Well, now you can with…

‘Star Wars Return Of The Empire’ Star Wars Disney Mash Up

Last week, Sam Macaroni published this parody of what the upcoming new Star Wars film made by Disney may be like,…

Daym Drops Reviews McRib On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

You know you've truly become viral YouTube famous when you get contacted by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to make…

OH MY DAYUM – Auto Tuned Five Guys Review Remix

Remember the awesome black dude Daym Drops with the spot on, makes-your-mouth-water fast food review of Five Guys? That was his…

Man Reviews Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Thirty-four year old YouTuber Daym Drops has a small time restaurant review channel with only 6,400 hundred subscribers. His video reviews are…

Antoine Dodson Comments On Chick-Fil-A Controversy

Arguably one of the Internet's most famous gay personalities, Antoine Dodson, added his two cents on the recent Chick-Fil-A-taking-a-political-stance-against-gay-marriage controversy. …

Cinder-Fella Pop Music Parody

Riding on the success of their first hyper-viralviral Disney spoof of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beat, Toddymobs has just…

Drive-By Compliments

Drive-by is a term that conjures up images of police tape, crying families, and guns. But this is not like…



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