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Will Cable TV Ever Be Free?

24 December, 2020



Ghetto Ice Cream Truck Plays Chain Hang Low

Most ice cream trucks play simple nursery rhyme songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, or Yankee Doodle. You'd never expect to hear…

Superheroes Crazy Dance At Little Kid’s Birthday Party

After singing the classic version of Happy Birthday to a little birthday boy, the four superhero guests changed the mood…


Funny Pictures – Ghetto SpongeBob

Proper Horse And Rider Dressage Dance To Hip Hop Music

Dressage is a very fine, and very posh, equestrian sport. They don't even like to use the word horse. So when…

Ghetto Pawn Shop Commercial

Most people connect pawn shops with the 'ghetto' lifestyle, but it's rare for a shop to embrace that stereotype so obviously.…

Selena Gomez MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 Promo

It seems the world has finally found their Miley Cyrus replacement. That was fast. Selena Gomez is younger, and therefore…

Gangsta C-3PO

Protocol droid, C-3PO is famous for his dainty, posh, and uptight attitude. He's basically a future version of a proper British…

Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds

httpvh:// A news reporter catches flies fly in his mouth during a story.

Ghetto Fixes

The Viral Difference Between Rebecca Black And Casey Heynes

Rebecca Black went viral with her cheesy, auto tuned song, Friday. The Internet couldn't help but share the song with…

Chronicles Of Rick Roll – Viral YouTuber Memes Movie Trailer

All your favorite viral Internet stars in one movie? It's either gonna be amazing, or pure crap. Also, I don't…

Local Fox News Crew Attacked By Mob

Local Fox40 in Sacramento were attacked when they tried to report on a murderer that took place earlier. A mob…



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