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Super Mario-Ghostbusters Mash Up Animation

Back in the 80's, there were few things cooler than the Super Mario Bros. and the Ghostbusters. Now, twenty years…

Ghostbusters Theme Song Covered On Floppy Drives

Popular and very quirky MrSolidSnake745 channel is back with another famous music number covered using old computer floppy drives.  Some music just fits…

Ghostbusters Tour Of New York – Two New Yorkers Recreate Scenes From The Movie Across The City

There are countless movies based in the world famous Big Apple, and one that just screams New York is Ghost Busters. Big…

How To Make Homemade Ghost Busters Ecto-Cooler Hi C Drink

Ecto-Cooler was a green orange-tangerine Hi C drink created initially as a promotion for Ghost Busters 2 in the late…

Ghostbusters Fan Made Film – Spilled Milk

After an incident where the Ghostbusters find themselves responsible for the destruction of a sizable amount of public property, the…


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