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Oooob Dyslexic Ghost


Epic Drive Thru Ghost Driver Prank!

YouTube magician Rahat has done it again. For the sixhundretfourtysixed time or something he has fooled some people working at


Jimmy Kimmel Helps Prank His Writer’s Roommate Who Believes In Ghosts

Most adults know that ghosts and demons aren't real. But Jimmy Kimmel has a writer whose roommate really believes in ghosts. Like


Talking To Ghosts Prank

Halloween is a time of spirits and ghosts. Prankster Jack Vale decided to bring some ghosts back from the dead for


Dude Pulls Revenge Ghost Prank On His Friend

After getting pranked by his friend Erik, Viral Brothers set up a terrifying ghost prank to get some sweet, sweet revenge.


Ghost Car Comes Out Of Nowhere In Russian Traffic

This video, posted by street creator and house, has exploded online, garnering over 2 million views in just a few days.


Flying Halloween Ghost Made From Quadrocopter

Halloween continues to modernize into the digital age.  To create a very real flying ghost for the spooky holiday, Alton Porter hacked


Creepy Ghost Zombie Girl Walks By In Camera Phone Prank

In honor of Halloween, popular YouTube prankster Jack Vale contrived one of his spookiest pranks yet. While on the boardwalk,


Ghost Monster In The Mirror At The Beauty Salon Prank

Remember the classic twin sister in the mirror prank? Patrons of a women's restroom were shocked and horrified when they


Ghost In Australian Supermarket

Australian morning show Sunrise on Channel 7 made fools of themselves 'covering' a ghost story at a local supermarket. The