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Little Girl Has Pet Carpenter Bee

Julia is definitely not your average girl. Not only isn't she afraid of bees, she even has her own pet


Sea Lion Reacts Worried When Little Girl Falls

Ariel Myren was at the National Zoo in Washington DC when she caught an amazing connection between animal and human on camera at


How To Get Any Girl’s Phone Number

How to get a girl's number? It's the question on the mind of so many teenagers. Luke and his buddies


Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012

'Girls' are obviously one of the most popular genres online, so it's no surprise mixing 'girls' with a little bit


Girl Football Player In Boy’s Youth League

Brent Gordon is a brave, brave father. He sent his daughter figuratively into a den of wolves. She plays youth football


White Girl Bailee Moore Raps Fast

Fast white rappers continue to pop up online, but this video is even more unique. Bailee Moore isn't only a fast


Stereotypical Things Girls Say

The new series Sh*t Girls Say takes every stereotype of what a ditsy person would do and say, and packs it into a


Girl Cries, Freaks Out, Breaks Down Watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

The trailer for the last and final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, was just released during the MTV Music Awards, and


Puppy Tries To Eat When Girl Blows

When the Internet is shown a cute puppy and a cute girl, there's no stopping the video from going viral.


Japanese Girl Katana Sword Wielding

This video from last September just went viral on the blog-osphere. There's just something about the contrast of her seriousness


Girl Sucks In To much Helium, Falls Over

This older video just surfaced as viral. Kids, if you're going to play with helium, just inhale a little and


Cute Girl Playing Drums Parabola By Tool

When was the last time you saw a girl rock out hard on the drums? Ye me neither. Meytal Cohen