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Girl Shoots Rapid Fire Perfect Basketball Arcade Game

In just sixty seconds this girl shoots over 100 shots. That's more than one per second.  She doesn't miss one! Jordan


Cute Baby Girl Eating Spaghetti

Little kids love spaghetti. I used to use the same strategy. Shovel in as much as I can and chomp


Laughing Webcam Girl, Girl Laughs At Her Funny Distorted Image Webcam Effect With Undistored Video

This girl laughs at how her face looks in a distorted image program. You know those Apple programs that skews pictures that


Girl Leaving Application Steals Tip Tray At Subway

Here's a lesson for you kids out there. If you're trying to get a job at a Subway and no


Girl Performs Michael Jackson’s Beat It On Piano

Christina Grimmie is growing a larger fan base on the Internet everyday. Here's her version of Beat It.


Cat Tries To Take Off Pink Sweater

Girls love dressing up their kitties, but the cat does want to wear that crap.


Guy And Girl Epic Gun Battle – Freddiew With Shenae Grimes

These are are made for each other shooting the bad guys and covering each other's back. But then an even


Girl Launches Watermelons, Smashes Her Own Face – The Amazing Race

From the new season of the Amazing Race, CBS tweeted this brutal video. This girl has to launch watermelons with


Girl Says First 100 Digits Of Pi While Twisting A Rubik’s Cube And Balancing 15 Books On Head

This girl must be a genius. She recites 100 digits of pi by heart, while balancing 15 books on her


FAKE Viral Video Of Girl Scared, Runs And Is Hit By Car

A group of friends try to scare their friend Rachel. When she turns around one friend in a mask says


Girl Gets First Kiss From Base Ball Star Tim Lincecum

At the Mets vs. Giants game on 7/17, this lucky girl received her first kiss from super star Tim Lincecum.


Girl Launched By Swimming Pool Blob

You at camp there's that huge water blob, that bounces people around? Well a girl is waiting on the blob,