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How i act around girls

Guess whos on her period?

What do the smart girls get?

Why do girls act dumb to get guys?

Girl Summer FAILS Compilation

There's just something a little more special about girls making fools of themselves than boys. Maybe because we expect them…

Reason why girls like the winter

How many hot girls do you see outside – Graph

Girls vs Guys

What Girls Do Online

Everyone knows what guys do on the Internet. They play online games, and look at pictures and videos that make…

Girls can also have their computer


Two Girls Climb US Border Fence

The federal government is spending millions of dollars building Fragments of a Southern border fence. Two girls show us how…

Learn Piano To Get Laid With Bo Burnham

┬áBo Burnham shows us how simple it is to learn a little piano to get all the girls. CLICK HERE…



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