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BBQ For The Homeless

The summer is a time for friends and family to get together and relax while the BBQ cooks up some…

Charity Tips A Hotel Cleaner $500

Charity YouTube channel Give Back Films is continuing to spread positive vibes wherever they go.  This time, they randomly found a…

Homeless Family Makeover

Back in the summer, prankster Vitaly gave one homeless man a makeover. That video now stands with over 6.5 million…

Powerful Interviews With Homeless People In Atlanta End With $200 Giveaway

After pulling off some shinanegans in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films decided to get serious and do…

Littering In Front of People Social Experiment

Andrew Hales of LAHWF teamed up with Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films for this latest social experiment.  During a large running event…

Paying For People’s Gas

YouTube's newest charity channel Give Back Films has returned to uplift the hearts and souls of online viewers, and, more importantly, to…



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