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Glacier Comes Crashing Down

[rumble][/rumble] Eight of us went out on a charter cruise on Prince William Sound to look at glaciers and wildlife.…

Largest Glacier Calving Ever Will Blow Your Mind

This clip from the award winning documentary Chasing Ice was published online two years ago, but is trending again now…

Arctic Glacier Collapses Near Boaters

This clip from the BBC's Incredible Journeys was posted online by mangasam69 back in January, but has resurfaced now.  While Steve Leonard and Arctic…

Largest Glacier Breaking, Calving Ever Caught On Film

Glacier calving is the extraordinary natural event when ice glaciers break or disrupt in an extravagant way.  As a promotion for the new Chasing Ice documentary, We Are Exposure published this…

Melting Glacier Launches Huge Ice Chunks At Boaters Near By

While boating near the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska, an enormous hunk of the ice mountain melted off and splashed into…


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