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Kickflipping A Glass Skateboard With Glass Wheels

After a test with a "normal" glass skateboard and the latest bullet proof one, Braille Skateboarding this time doubles the


100 People Show Us How They Kiss

WatchCut got 100 people in front of their camera. And one wall of glass. Together the make pretty silly images

Bullet Proof Glass Skateboard

Zack from Invizaboard did send the guys from Braille Skateboarding a board made of bullet proof glass. And because of


Let It Go Covered On Wine Glasses

You're no doubt sick of Let It Go from Disney's Frozen. Who can blame you when the song has been


Looking Through The Google Glass Music Video Parody

As an ingenious way to promote their new Glass facial computer, Google has handed out the new device to a


Toddler Tries Google Glass

Tech specialist Chris Angelini had the opportunity to test the new Google Glass device that the geek world is all abuzz about. While working,


Google Glass Commercial Parody

By now, nearly every Facebook, Twitter, and Google user has seen the new Google Glass commercial. So naturally, it's time


Italians Make First Glass Snowboard

Every Third Thursday is a series by Network A focused on exotic snowboards. For their newest episode, they traveled to Italy to


Unbreakable Glass

This four year old video has unsuspectingly gone viral only now, amassing over 200,000 views in the past few days. For six


Rob Dyrdek Walks Through Glass Door

Robert Dyrdek and Steelo Brim were talking at a DC Shoe store about the movie Chronicle and superpowers when Robert brought


A Day Made Of Glass 2 Showcases New Technologies Around The Corner

Corning went viral last year with their amazing glimpse into the future video of new technologies that will become commonplace, all


Sugar Plum Fairy On Glass Harp

This video is from last February, but, as Christmas quickly approaches, only now has become a viral sensation. Sugar Plum Fairy